Written by Belinda Campbell

Directed by Virginia Proud and Mazz Ryan
Performed by Marli van der Bijn and Jonny Kinnear
Produced by Melbourne Writers Theatre

17 to 22 Dec 2020

The City Park Plays
The MC Showroom

Another Day at the Office

What happens when stubborn meets stubborn? A ridged morning jogger and a deluded office manager get acquainted in the park. It's a park. No, it's an office...

This short play was selected for inclusion in Melbourne Writer's Theatre's 2020 Season, The City Park Plays.


"Belinda Campbell’s Another Day at the Office is a situation, but one with a twist that redeems it when the unreal becomes real and Marli van der Bijl’s jogger is trapped in it. " - Stage Whispers

"Slightly reminiscing of ‘The IT Crowd’ " - Theatre People

Written by Belinda Campbell

Directed by Lucy Norton
Performed by Kate Mulqueen
Produced by Baggage Productions

Released 28 Nov 2020

The Bee

Selected for inclusion in Baggage Productions' 2020 Madwoman Monologues.

The Bee is set in Melbourne, in a desolate, dystopian future. Hope flickers in the figure of a lone person and a precious bee.


"Such a sweet script...with such an engaging and endearing performance" - Online comments

"lovely little piece " - Online comments

Every year, Baggage Productions donates half of the proceeds to charity. Due to COVID19, this years season was filmed and released online free. Please consider donating to The Period Project (aka National Homeless Collective) via their fundraising page.

Written and Performed by Jennifer Piper and Belinda Campbell

Director: Kate Hood

Original production directed by Kate Cameron

Produced by Wit Incorporated with creative support from The Bowery Theatre via a Be Bold!

7 February 2020

That Time Everything Went Well and We Were Totally Fine

Gerry and Frankie are going out. They’re going to have a great night. Everything will go well, because they’re both totally fine. No, really. They’re fine.

Just have to remember the tickets, get on the train, make it to the show on time, obey the law, make conversation, keep smiling and remember to breathe. A brand-new sketch comedy for anyone who’s ever had one of those days.


"it makes great use of play on words and puns " - Stage Whispers

"Belinda Campbell was magnificent as the irritating voice in our heads" - Stage Whispers

"It's a short play with a very long title which addresses the hard truths about anxiety and depression - where other theatre producers fear to tread - and should not be missed." - Weekend Notes

"There's cabaret, puppetry, comedy, song and glamour as the show progresses and explores the many states of anxiety along with questions of identity. " - Weekend Notes

"a tribute to imperfection, nervousness and never having a decent night's sleep" - Weekend Notes

Written by Belinda Campbell

Directed by Jennifer Piper

Performed by Belinda Campbell, Sarah Clarke, Emma Hayden, Kerry du Plessis

Produced by Wit Incorporated

1 - 15 July 2017

Bluestone Church Arts Space, Footscray

A Hero's Guide to Saving the Planet

As Captain Eco and her sidekick The Green Defender race against time to discover who has been covering the streets of Footscray with litter, super-villain The Waster continues her plot to cover the world with trash.

With the help of the superheroes and their guide book, audiences learn about recycling, reusing, reducing and what happens (or doesn’t happen) to plastic after we’ve finished with it.


"Adults and children alike come away genuinely empowered and motivated to do their bit for the environment" - Olivia Ball, Australian Greens

"fantastic production that is both entertaining and educative" - Audience member


Hearld Sun

Written by Belinda Campbell

Performed by Belinda Campbell, Sarah Clarke, Kim Ko, Jessica Lawrence, Lee Quek, Mark Salvestro

Directed by Jennifer Piper

Produced by Wit Incorporated

4 - 9 April 2016

Bluestone Church Arts Space, Footscray

Fairy Tale News

It's six o'clock and time for tonight's edition of Fairy Tale News. Current affairs and news program: by Fairy Tales, for Fairy Tales (and children). Join Hansel and Gretel, our FTN anchors, and a cast of family favourites including Prime Minister Humpty Dumpty and Pinocchio the weather reporter, as they follow the story of the missing basket and keep you up to date with all the latest magical news.


"high quality kids comedy" - Funny Tonne Reviews

"This kids comedy romp is a little kooky and wacky, offering the kids plenty of silly humour." - Meetoo

Written and performed by Belinda Campbell

Directed by Elle Mandalis

Produced by West Independent Theatre

17 - 21 September 2014

Bluestone Church Arts Space, Footscray

The Bookworm

Meet Paige Turner; a book-obsessed recluse, literally eating her way through literature in order to find her soul mate. But she’s moving dangerously close to the truth and her fantasy land of books is becoming more difficult to hide behind.

Will her soul mate find her buried amongst the novels and notes or will she need to go outside?


"Her character is lovingly realised, and it is clear a great deal of devoted care has gone into the production." - Trick of the Light


Hearld Sun