11 to 19 Dec 2020
Lawson Field Theatre
Produced by Musical Theatre Gisborne

The Addams Family

Music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice

A hilarious and quirky musical comedy, The Addams Family Musical tells the story of love and friendship through adversity, with a comical and macabre yet poignant spin.


"From principals to ancestors each character is clearly defined from the beginning and throughout the show the performers continuously connect with one another, and the audience"
Mark Peters, The Gisborne Herald

"Belinda Campbell-directed production splatters laughs" - The Gisborne Herald

22 Aug - 7 Sept 2019
Bluestone Church Arts Space
Produced by Wit Incorporated

Written and performed by Lansy Feng

How I Met My Dead Husband

by Lansy Feng

When a determined woman chases true love, even Buddha can't stop her. Chuen-Jiau stands before family, friends and loved ones to give a eulogy for her husband Yueh. Nobody expects a story spanning four entire lifetimes. A sweet and funny cabaret funeral that'll take you on a reincarnating journey of love, confusion and hope.


“A stunning combination of surreal beauty and earthy reality, How I Met My Dead Husband is a top rate cabaret and shouldn’t be missed.” - What Did She Think

the director, Belinda Campbell has a wealth of angles to draw from... Her passion and support make this beautiful art flourish.” - Weekend Notes

9 to 24 November 2018
Bluestone Church Arts Space, Footscray
Produced by Wit Incorporated

Performed by Sarah Clarke, Ruby Lauret, Matt Tester, Leigh Scully, Lansy Feng, Aimee Marich, Artemis Munro, Sam Anderson and Jennifer Piper

Ophelia Thinks Harder

by Jean Betts

The King is dead, the Queen has married his brother, the Prince is a hazard and the new King is a puppet. Meanwhile, Ophelia tries to please. Ophelia wonders why she is not enough. Ophelia is fed up, so Ophelia thinks harder. ‘How come I turned into a woman!!? Can’t I just stay a person?’ A hilarious rethink of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy – only this time Ophelia gets all the best lines.


“Betts’s play, wonderfully directed by Belinda Campbell…“
Milk Bar Mag

“Belinda Campbell directs the performance of “Ophelia Thinks Harder” and once you see the show I’m sure you’ll agree she does a stellar job.” - Tay Around Town

25 Aug to 9 Sept 2017
Bluestone Church Arts Space, Footscray
Produced by Wit Incorporated
Presented as part of Due West Festival

Performed by Sarah Clarke, Emma Hayden, Kimberley Heberley, Tanya Hendy, Ebony McGuire and Jennifer Piper

A Scandal in the Weimar

by Claire Bowen and Jennifer Piper

It's London, 1939. Tensions are building as war seems imminent. Lady Sherlock Holmes and Dr Jean Watson are engaged by Diana, Lady Mosley to track down Irene Adler in Berlin and retrieve sensitive information. But all is not as it seems.


"flips gender roles and addresses issues of place."

note the stand out sets." - Stage Whispers

12 to 27 Feb 2016
Bluestone Church Arts Space
Produced by Wit Incorporated

Performed by Mark Salvestro, Jennifer Piper, Jessica Lawrence and Luke Styles.

Couch Potato

by Hayley Lawson-Smith

This is the story of how one small break-in saved a family. Robert lives with his parents. They've been dead for years, but he's still there and nothing has changed. Then The Girl appears. On the couch. Asleep.

This absurd new Australian comedy explores the way we navigate grief, family, relationships and love – usually while saying the exact opposite of what we mean.